The W3C Web Payments Workshop

Palais Brongniart, Paris, France

March 24th and 25th 2014

This page links to minutes for an official W3C Workshop event that have been cleaned up and reformatted by the Web Payments Community Group. The Web Payments Community Group and the W3C are two different organizations, and it is the W3C that managed this event. These minutes may be handed over to the W3C to become the official minutes for the event, but that has not happened yet (and may not happen at all). Readers should understand that there is a difference between officially sanctioned W3C work, and the work done by the Web Payments Community Group (which is not officially sanctioned by W3C's membership).

  1. Introductions by W3C and European Commission
    1. Introduction by Jeff Jaffe of W3C [permalink]
    2. Introduction from Alexander Gee, European Commission [permalink]
    3. Format of Sessions [permalink]
  2. Overview of Current and Future Payment Ecosystems
    1. Alternative Currencies - Ven and HubCulture [permalink]
    2. National Banking Infrastructure - United States Federal Reserve [permalink]
    3. Web Developers - Yandex Money [permalink]
    4. International Infrastructure - World Bank [permalink]
    5. Card Processing - Worldline [permalink]
    6. Remittances and the Underbanked - Bloomberg [permalink]
    7. General Discussion about Financial Infrastructure [permalink]
  3. Toward an Ideal Web Payments Experience
    1. The Inputs to the Payments Standardization Process [permalink]
    2. Lessons Learned from the Mozilla Marketplace [permalink]
    3. General Discussion on the Ideal Payment Experiences [permalink]
  4. Back End: Banks, Regulation, and Future Clearing
    1. Card Processing - Worldline [permalink]
    2. Global Payments - World Bank [permalink]
    3. Future Clearing - Ripple Labs [permalink]
    4. Alternative Currencies - CoinApex [permalink]
    5. National Infrastructure - US Federal Reserve [permalink]
    6. General Discussion on Back-end Systems [permalink]
  5. Enhancing the Customer and Merchant Experience
    1. Merchants and Retailers - NACS [permalink]
    2. Intent to Pay - Robin Berjon [permalink]
    3. SEPAmail - BPCE France [permalink]
    4. Hidden Choice can be Anti-Consumer - Joseph Potvin [permalink]
    5. Last-mile Payments in Africa - Trans-Africa Solutions [permalink]
    6. General Discussion on Customer/Merchant Experience [permalink]
  6. Front End: Wallets - Initiating Payment and Digital Receipts
    1. Creating a Level Playing Field - W3C [permalink]
    2. Money for the Underbanked - Mahindra Comviva [permalink]
    3. Mobile Wallets - Gemalto [permalink]
    4. Privacy Issues Related to Payments - Lyra [permalink]
    5. Wallets - Deutsche Telekom [permalink]
    6. Mobile Wallets - GSMA [permalink]
    7. General Discussion around Payment Initiation and Digital Receipts [permalink]
  7. Identity, Security, and Privacy
    1. Identity Management - IETF [permalink]
    2. Commerce Identity - Microsoft [permalink]
    3. Decentralized Identity - Ripple Labs [permalink]
    4. Mobile Identity and Payments - Qualcomm [permalink]
    5. Pushing Back on Centralization - Lyra [permalink]
    6. The Web Crypto API and Payments - W3C [permalink]
    7. Balancing Identity, Privacy, and Anonymity - British Computer Society [permalink]
  8. Wrap-up of Workshop and Next Steps
    1. Wrap-up of Workshop [permalink]
    2. Existing Work/Short-term at W3C [permalink]
    3. Strategic/Long-term Initiatives at W3C [permalink]
    4. Goodbye and Next Steps [permalink]

Created by the Web Payments Community Group. Shared with love under a CC-BY license. Thanks to our contributors.