Building Linked Data into the Core of the Web

Growing Linked Data Mindshare and Converting the Skeptics

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Web Technologist, Standardista

  • Heavily involved in RDFa 1.0, chaired RDFa 1.1, primary co-creator of JSON-LD

  • Founder/CEO/CTO/ExecDirector - Digital Bazaar, Accreditrust, The Open Payments Foundation

  • I love the Semantic Web

  • I hate the Semantic Web

The Question

Best strategy for Linked Data?

  • If we want to get Linked Data into the core of the Web, how do we do it?

  • "Everybody uses it whether they know it or not" is a cop-out.

  • Requirement: Web developers must understand it and choose it over other solutions.

  • So, how do we do it? What are the killer apps?



The Web Platform's current failures

  • Proving who you are to a website in an interoperable way is not possible today.

  • Paying for something on the web in a safe, modern, interoperable way is not possible today.

  • Identity and Payments on the Web are broken. Why should we care?

There is no problem.



Why is identity and payment important?

  • Civic - Strong identity is central to ownership, democracy, privacy, and prosperity.

  • Moral - 2.5 billion adults don't have access to any financial infrastructure. Inequity.

  • Capitalistic - 10 seconds to send an email, 172,800 seconds to send money. The Internet as financial infrastructure will lead to a more agile global economy.



What's broken with identity?

  • The way we login is broken
    centralization and passwords are so 1980s

  • The way we prove who we are is broken

  • Credentials have been an afterthought

  • High-value payments don't exist without verifiable identity



What do we need for basic identity?

  • A place on the Web to store personal data (URL) and a standard way to query it

  • Persona, OpenID Connect, not robust enough

  • Need 3rd party, digitally signed credentials

  • Solution has to be simple and extensible



Workshop Findings on Identity



How can you trust the Web?

  • Proving something is real on the Web is difficult.

  • We need to go beyond the padlock icon.

  • Trust no one, verify everything.

  • Digital signatures and PKI show the way.



What is needed for a trustworthy Web?

  • Graphs: Say the same thing in 50 different ways.

  • Digital signatures for Linked Data objects.

  • Digital signatures for HTTP messages.

  • Non-reversible claims are important for commerce



What is needed for a trustworthy Web?



What's broken with Payments?

  • Pick one: insecure credit cards or proprietary payment networks or cryptocurrencies

  • What if we were to combine Linked Data with payments?

  • One safe, seamless mechanism to exchange value on the Web supporting all current and near-future payment methods.



Offers and Initiating Payment

  • How do most people initiate a payment online?

  • This system was built in 1970s, hasn't changed much since.

  • Need payment initiation standard that can take digitally signed Linked Data offers of sale as input.

  • Proposal: Web Commerce API



Proof of Purchase

  • How do we prove that we've purchased something?

  • Move from pull-based payments to push-based payments.

  • Need digital receipt standard - should be very extensible, based on JSON-LD?

  • Proposal: Web Commerce



Internet Governance Forum

  • September 2-5th, 2014 - Istanbul, Turkey

  • The Payment, Privacy, Policing Paradox

  • Use Cases and Requirements from United Nations participants

  • Join Web Payments and Credentials Community Groups



Web Payments Steering Group

  • September 30th, 2014 - W3C

  • Determine use cases and requirements for Web Payments

  • Suggest technical Working Groups to achieve goals

  • Join Web Payments Community Group to contribute



W3C Technical Plenary

  • October 27th, 2014 - Santa Clara, CA

  • Map out the future of identity and payments on the Web

  • Determine what part Linked Data has to play

  • First Web Payments and Credentials face-to-face



Get involved in Linked Data

  • This work is happening, and all of it is based on Linked Data

  • We need your help, not enough Linked Data folks involved

  • Join the Web Payments CG to work on payments

  • Join the Credentials CG to work on identity


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